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Fax Marketing

When you mean serious business, reaching to your target customers is your primary goal. For a business does not wait to be recognized, it is responsible to making itself known by its prospects.

Nearly everyone knows that online or Internet marketing is revving its way up to the zenith of engaging more paying customers. The first way to making your business seen and heard is through trafficking online searchers to your business website. Once you have it established and ranked through search engine optimization, prospects searching for services and products online will direct to your website. The problem comes in when you consider reaching beyond the category of online consumers.

How can you reach your target customers that do not search online?

FAX MARKETING at US Top Rankings

With least expenses but undeniably higher customer acquisition rate, fax marketing is the simplest yet one of the most effective marketing strategies that will help you widen your leads and gain higher income revenue. No dropped calls. No voice mails. Every advertisement will be touched, seen and eventually read by the recipient. It is a personalized marketing strategy to reaching your consumers without being denied in the first instance of offering your products or services.

Here at Us Top Rankings, we are offering you a cost-effective option to getting more paying customers brought about by fax marketing. We know that every serious entrepreneur does not limit itself on a specific niche but goes further and farther to reaching prospective clients. With fax marketing, reaching to every prospective client is convenient yet effective.

$800.00 for the first three months

  • Good for three months
  • 1,000 faxes monthly
  • Target consumer or business leads
  • Ads, designs, coupons, etc.
  • Content Control



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You have two options: you can either ride the Internet marketing wave and benefit from it, or you can ignore the need for search engine marketing and get drowned by your competition. You're smart enough to know the right decision, right?


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